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Providing Quality Work Wear to All Hard Working People of Northern New Mexico

Providing Quality Work Wear to All Hard Working People of Northern New Mexico

Showroom Tour

JR Clothing has been a leading retailer for high-quality work wear brands for almost 4 decades. 


We offer many brands that you can trust for longevity, quality, and style. 

Products We Offer

  With our wide selection of brands we can order from, we are able to bring in a good variety of work wear. Examples of products we carry are as follows: Light and heavy weatherproof jackets, insulated/non-insulated pants and bib overalls, pullover/zip-up hoodies, winter and summer headgear, safety/soft toe work boots, short/long sleeve tees, button up work shirts, socks, insoles, backpacks/bags, shorts, wallets, and more!

  We also offer medical scrubs! We have tops and bottoms, in both the softer cotton and rougher RipStop material! We have a selection of lighter and heavier base layer tops and bottoms for scrubs as well as scrub caps. The brands we currently have are Carhartt and WonderWink, in both Mens and Womens sizing. 


 The best way to get an idea of what we have is to swing by! So come pay us a visit and let us find whatever it is you need!

Clickable Showroom Items

Bib Overalls and Coveralls

Scrub Tops, Bottoms, and Jackets

   Along with our other great brands, Jr Clothing offers our OWN line of clothing titled, "Chicano Garras" 

Our designs are Created and printed all in house, with only more to come.

come on in and check out our little contribution to keeping our new mexican culture alive and thriving!

Print Shop

New DTF Printer!


DTF Printing (Direct To Film Printing) is ink printed directly onto a film transfer paper, which then can be heat pressed onto many types of fabric. Things like cotton or polyester tees and even canvas bags can be printed on with ease. With DTF print we are able to print any image in full color, including photos.

Additionally we are able to sell just the film transfers to any customers that own a heat press. The rate per transfer is $10-$12 per linear foot of film. Our film is 22" wide, and length wise is almost infinite, which offers tons of different sizing options when considering your next project.

Embroidery, Sewing, and Patches


Timberly Williams

  Our Print Shop has a 6 head embroidery machine that has 15 different threads on it at one time. With this machine we are able to do anything from names to massive back pieces easily. We also are making space for even more machines to increase what we can prodcue.


  We are able to embroider hats, beanies, shirts and polos, hoodies, thick jackets like carhartt or varsity style, and more. We also have specific material to produce heat transfer patches and velcro back patches. We offer a wide variety of different thread colors to choose from. Come see what we have in stock or take a peep at the catalogue to order exactly what you need.


  Our print shop also has an industrial heavy duty single stitch sewing machine. With it we can hem, sew patches, fix tears, and more. 

Heat Press and Hat Press, Vinyl, Glitter, Foil, DTF,

  Alongside our DTF Transfers, we are also able to press many different types of vinyl, foils, and glitter onto garments and hats. This medium is more ideal for images of a single solid color. Our vinyl roll is typically 19.5" wide. 

  To the left, our industrial grade heat press, hat press, and vinyl are pictured. To the right is some examples of the vinyl, glitter, and foils we can offer. 

  We are also able to cut single color sticker decals. Our decal rolls are 24" wide, meaning we can provide large and small sticker decals perfect for business windows, cars, helmets, etc. 

Some of Our Biggest Print Shop Customers


  J.R. Clothing has been serving all counties and pueblos in Northern New Mexico, along with every hard worker in between, for almost 4 decades.

  Our family owned business has been rooted in Northern New Mexico since our conception. We value a strong family bond, take pride in our Northern New Mexico culture, and we love to help build up our community. 

  Our new location here in The Pueblo of Pojoaque has only made us bigger, better, and more accessible. Right off Hwy 285, we aim to be more convenient and offer more choices inside our showroom floor.


  Now in 2023, we're only striving to get better. We want to provide our community with high quality gear, as smoothly and quickly as we can. We also plan to expand our machinery in our print shop as well, leading to an upgrade in our efficiency and quality of what we're producing. 

  Our staff works hard to provide excellent customer service, to help you figure out whatever it is you need. Monday through Saturday our staff is here to assist.

Contact info an Schedule


Hours of Operation:

Monday 8AM–6PM


Tuesday 8AM–6PM


Wednesday 8AM–6PM


Thursday 8AM–6PM


Friday 8AM–6PM


Saturday 9AM-5PM


Sunday Closed

 (505) 820-6422​

Call Us At:

J.R. Clothing

96 Cities of Gold Rd #1 

Santa Fe, NM 87506​

Visit Us At:

Send Us A Message!

Send Us A Message!

For Clothing & Footwear:
Call us at 505 820 6422 or fill out the messaging form below.

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For Our Print Shop:
Call us at 505 820 6422 or fill out the messaging form below.

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Customer Testimony

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Christopher  Roybal

"American Made products sold here! Great way to keep the money local while supporting American manufacturing."

Mathew W. 

"I just dropped in to see the new location and get a new vest. Love the store, the location and always Carhartt. Mr. Romero is always great to deal with. Good service and down to earth."

Mike Johnson

"Great selection, good quality, and JR knows his clothing."

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J.R. Clothing Embroidery Santa Fe New Mexico
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J.R. Clothing Embroidery Santa Fe New Mexico

J.R. Clothing Embroidery Santa Fe New Mexico

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Now Offering Quality Medical Scrubs & Scrub Caps

Now Offering Quality Medical Scrubs & Scrub Caps

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How To Break In Your Carhartts

How To Break In Your Carhartts

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